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Nissan has presented a ready electrocar Leaf

Nissan Leaf

Nissan Motor has officially presented at the central office of the company in Yokohama (Japan) new electrocar Nissan Leaf.

2011 Nissan Leaf

The official press release informs, Nissan Leaf is the 1st electromobile accessible to the majority of motorists and intended for daily use. It's electrocar Nissan Leaf with the electromotor in 109HP and the block of storage batteries on which can drive to 160 km. The maximum speed of the car is not specified.

Additional charging of batteries Nissan Leaf is carried out during car braking, and also from an external source of the electric power. Thus to charge batteries on 80% it's possible for 30 minutes by means of function of fast charging.

Completely batteries is charging for 8 hrs. Whether it's possible to use for this purpose the household electric system and how many volt for this purpose is needed — in press-release it's not specified. As informs Nissan Motor, the serial release of Nissan Leaf will begin in 2010, thus this model in Japan, in the USA and in Europe will be on sale.

Japanese Leaf