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Nissan Motor dismisses workers in Spain

Strike of workers

The management of Japanese automobile concern Nissan has informed on the next plan of layoffs of workers at factories in Spain, inform the Spanish mass-media. This time reductions will concern more than 2,000 the persons working at factories Nissan in Barcelona. Workers will be sent in compulsory no-charge holiday by the general term no more than 78 days during the period with 2009 for 2012.

It already the fifth plan on settlement of problems of employment at the Spanish factories of autoconcern presented by a management of concern Nissan from the end of 2008 because of financial crisis, captured a world car industry. Only in July company Nissan Motor Iberica has dismissed 698 persons.

After the plan will be officially presented the government of Catalonia, two-month negotiations with the authorities of an autonomy and trade unions of factories in Barcelona in which result, probably, changes will be made to the schedule of layoffs will begin.

Trade unions have already informed on the disagreement with the plan of dismissals. The plan of dismissals should be approved the government of Catalonia, and only after that can be realised. In the end of 2008 Nissan has informed on curtailment of production of cars in the Spanish branches to 50,000 units. In 2008 Nissan has made in territory of Spain of 135,000 cars.

In Spain at Nissan two factories on which in total works hardly more than 5,000 persons, the technical centre, factory on manufacture of engines and accessories, the centre on sale of cars in Spain and in the south of Europe, the centre on sale of spare parts. A personnel aggregate number, for December, 31st, 2007 — 6,669 persons. The company collects in Spain models Terrano, Primastar, Almera Tino, Pathfinder and Navara.

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