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Shelby Daytona Coupe Le Mans Edition

Shelby Daytona

In 1964 the racing world was shocked with news — the crew on car Daytona Coupe from Shelby became the winner of that year.

Shelby Daytona (coupe)

Thanks to unique the then to the design executed Peter Brock, this car managed to be dispersed till record speed almost in 300 km/h. In 1965 Daytona Coupe became the first and unique in motor racing history the American car which has won races FIA GT World Championship.

Coupe Shelby Daytona

Le Mans Edition which have been constructed on the basis of the modern remark Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe collected by experts from Superformance, has entirely kept spirit of a real racing car. Engineers from company Exotic Auto Restoration were engaged in completion of the given special series of the legendary car.
To improve appearance and technical characteristics Daytona Coupe, for version Le Mans Edition experts E.A.R. Have developed new body and components of an interior which are successfully combined with the car as a whole.

Supercar Shelby Daytona

The list of completions includes the complete set of the forward and back wings executed in style classical Daytona, won Le Mans. Also the car is completed by wide 18-inch wheel disks, powerful shock-absorbers of manufacture Bilstein and springs H&R. In salon new seats, with the engraved symbolics «Le Mans Edition», and also the sports wheel finished with suede from Momo.


As Daytona Coupe it is delivered without the engine and transmission, owners can choose between various variants of the motors constructed on the basis of Ford 351 Windsor. In this case experts Exotic Auto Restoration "will push" eight-cylinder power unit Roush 402R V8 power into 530HP and the twisting moment in 699Nm, operated six-step transmission Tremec T56.


In addition it is planned to construct six cars, calculated only on racing lines. Each such car will complete with original eight-cylinder engine Shelby V8. Besides, the track version will be equipped by a safety skeleton, 14-inch six-piston forward brakes and the 13-inch back. Power of the sports version will make 560HP, and twisting moment — 718Nm.
Together with such engine transmission Tremec TKO-600 will work. Well and it's final, racing Daytona Coupe Le Mans Edition from Exotic Auto Restoration will not have the admission to roads of the general using.

The Legendary Shelby Daytona