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The 1st photos of updated Lexus ES

Lexus ES

On Tuesday network edition Worldcarfans has published the first espionage photos of updated sedan Lexus ES 350. Pictures have been made in Japan near to one of the dealer centres of mark.

New Lexus ES

Judging by photos, the car has received other forward bumper, a new lattice of a radiator and other rear-view mirrors. In a back part of the car headlights are a little changed. Whether salon Lexus ES will be modernised, and also there will be a technical equipment of a sedan, at present it's not known.

Let's notice, that present ES it's constructed on a platform of the US version of Toyota Camry and it's offered with the 272-strong six-cylinder motor in volume of 3,5 litres. Sedan Lexus ES 350 is delivered only to the US America, South Korea, Taiwan, the Near East and China. In Japan and in other markets with link sided movement such car is not on sale.

Updated Lexus ES

New Lexus ES

Commercial: 2010 Lexus ES

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