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The 1st sketch of sedan Infiniti M

Sedan Infiniti M

Company Infiniti has extended the first image of a prototype of sedan Infiniti M of following generation.

Infiniti M (sedan)

The "virtual" debut of this model will take place in a week — on August, 14th within the limits of an exhibition-competition of automobile design Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance which by tradition will take place in California, the USA. It's supposed, that during presentation present will see not the car, and only three-dimensional projection.

Car already ready to a batch production debuts only in December of this year, and sales will begin to spring of 2010. As representatives Infiniti specify, the new sedan of a series of M is made with caution on the European buyers — sedan Infiniti M becomes the sixth model of the Japanese mark sold in Europe.

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