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The description of a new Land Cruiser Prado

Land Cruiser Prado

The first espionage pictures new Land Cruiser Prado have appeared in the beginning of July. The car has been noticed without what or a camouflage at once in the several countries of the Near East.

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

Now in a network next "leak" — the advertising brochure with the car description promptly extends, some pages from this brochure are more exact. Despite rather low quality of scanning, it is possible to make out in details enough not only appearance, but also an off-road car interior.

Apparently under the presented images, appearance Prado completely corresponds displayed on earlier accessible pictures. Differently, to the buyer the car will get in such kind. Convex headlights, a powerful lattice of a radiator, massive wheel arches and wings — the basic lines of shape. Among other changes the glass of the fifth door opening separately for access to the top part of a luggage coupe is allocated: to lay small load it is not necessary to open all door.

Land Cruiser

Besides appearance, for the first time there is a possibility to judge and about an interior new Land Cruiser Prado. It is executed in modern style Toyota, but uncharacteristic earlier an element the wheel with two horizontal and two vertical crossbeams is unique. Still there is no information on what changes under a car cowl: whether there were new engines or Prado borrows them the predecessor.

There are no data and about when the car will enter the market. The most probable period there is an end of summer — the beginning of autumn, but officially it's not confirmed and not denied. Prospective cost of the car is not underlined.

Toyota Land Cruiser

New Land Cruiser Prado

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