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Toyota iQ in the new ex-terior

Toyota FT-EV

The novelty which the company is going to make in 2010, as much as possible will be not similar iQ to avoid a competition in a lineup.

2010 Toyota FT-EV

The prototype of mass electromobile Toyota has been shown in the beginning of this year on the International motor show in Detroit. The conceptual car under name FT-EV represented version Toyota iQ, equipped with electric motors. In this connection till now that admitted to the most probable, as the serial version of an electromobile will be similar with iQ. Did not deny it and itself Toyota Motor, but only till this moment.

As the main designer Toyota iQ Hiroki Nakajima has declared to British edition Autocar, the electromobile developed on a platform iQ, will have own original appearance which in any way has been not adhered to a source. Moreover, the electromobile will be separately positioned, and to have own whole audience. While the company has not published any image of the future model, but most likely — definitive design in the course of working out.

Concept Toyota FT-EV

About a technical component it is known little bit more. According to Nakajima, design BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) — under such name the car is in working out — means presence of the separate electric motor on each wheel, therefore is quite probable, that the electromobile can be all-wheel drive. Range of run will make about 150 kilometres. BEV becomes first mass product Toyota in which are applied it is ionic-litievye batteries. Experience of tests Plug In Prius made in the limited circulation will be for this purpose made use.

Full cycle of a recharge of batteries — 8 hours: developers believe, that it's rather suitable time interval as the basic part of buyers will charge batteries at night when the electric power is delivered in houses of Japanese under more favourable tariff.

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