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Toyota Motor closes manufacture in California

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Toyota Motor for the first time for all 72-year-old history will close factory on assemblage of cars, reports Bloomberg referring to the company message. The factory which carries name Nummi, settles down to California, this joint venture Toyota with General Motors, the manufacture annual turnover makes 420,000 cars and pickups in a year.

Assemblage automobile Corolla and pickups Tascoma at the Californian factory will stop in March, 2010 After closing Nummi Toyota will continue assemblage Corolla at the factory in the Canadian Ontario, and Tascoma — at factory in San Antonio, Texas.

In June GM has declared, that is going to close at factory Nummi manufacture automobile Pontiac Vibe and to leave structure of shareholders of the enterprise within the limits of the program of reorganisation during bankruptcy procedure.

Factory closing was for Toyota Motor a necessary measure. Company sales on the largest for the automobile market of the USA have fallen in I half-year 2009 to 38%, and past year on 15%. As a result loss Toyota has made in 2008 436,9 billion yens ($4,7 billion), for the first time for last 60 years, reminds Bloomberg. This year the company predicts 450 billion yens ($4,8 billion) loss.

Meanwhile till now it is not solved, whether will receive 5400 workers Nummi the severance pay. This question has drawn attention of the governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger. «We will continue work with a Ministry of Labour and trade, local authorities, Toyota, GM and the government of Japan to make sure that the worker will pay corresponding grants», — Schwarzenegger has declared.

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