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Toyota Motor will make on 150,000 cars more

Concern Toyota

In 2009 concern Toyota plans to make at factories worldwide 5,95 million cars whereas has initially been planned to collect only 5,8 million cars. For this purpose the management of the Japanese motor-car manufacturer has decided to add in September one or two working days, informs MarketWatch.

Besides manufacture volumes, automobile concern Toyota Motor is full determination to increase and sales of cars. Plans on realisation of cars current year have been changed with 6,5 to 6,53 million cars. According to experts, the positive tendency is caused by effect from the governmental programs of support of demand for cars which with success it is realised in many countries of Europe, and also in the USA.

As it was informed earlier, in America for three weeks of action of the program of awarding of buyers of new cars of privileges have taken advantage 358 thousand persons. Almost every fifth car (18,9 percent), bought by Americans instead of utilised, is "Toyota". Besides company Toyota Motor, about growth of sales and plans on escalating of manufacture of the cars intended for the American market, have declared also concerns Chrysler, Ford, Mazda and GM.

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