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Toyota updates a US lineup

Toyota Avalon

North US division Toyota Motor publishes data about cost and technical updating of some cars Toyota offered in the market of the USA. The most appreciable changes in 2010 modelling year are observed at off-road car FJ Cruiser. The majority of models have a little risen in price.

2011 Toyota Avalon

Off-road car FJ Cruiser is modernised. The 4,0-litre petrol engine have equipped with firm system of adjustment of phases VVT-i thanks to what power of the engine has grown on 19HP, and level of the expense of fuel, allegedly, even has a little decreased.

The forward suspension bracket and steering of the car for the purpose of reduction of radius of turn is improved. Also in scale of offered colours of a body it's included new — protective green (Army Green). FJ Cruiser 2010 modelling years become more expensive for 360 dollars. Now the price of off-road car FJ Cruiser makes from 23,680 (2WD) to 25,270 US dollars (4WD). Unique type of transmission remained automatic.

Toyota RAV4 receives the updated appearance and an interior. There was a new lattice of a radiator, light engineering, and in salon registration now there are more than details with the metallized covering. Cost remained former at level of 21 500 dollars in a base complete set with a forward drive and 27 810 dollars for the top version with engine V6 and a full drive.

Highlander remained former, except for expansion of a package of the additional equipment in the base version with the 4-cylinder engine. Cost also has not changed: from 25,705 to 41,020 dollars for versions with a forward drive and a hybrid with 4WD accordingly.

Pickup Tacoma has not changed, but the design of coasters in salon is improved. Car cost — from $15,170 (a standard cabin, 2WD) to $27,075US (a double cabin, 4WD).

Toyota Yaris rises in price for $150US. The main reason — occurrence of electronic system of stabilisation in a base complete set. Yaris it is offered in the USA at the price from 12,355 dollars. The updated cars will appear on sale in the USA within August.

New Toyota Avalon

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