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Magnetic liquid

American company Delphi Corporation has developed adaptive support of the engine which rigidity can be regulated by electronics.

Magnetic Liquid

For this purpose engineers Delphi used technology of shock-absorbers of the variable rigidity applied on models Chevrolet, Cadillac and Ferrari, — in them the special magnetic liquid (with impregnations of parts of metal) which changes the rigidity under the influence of a magnetic field is used.

Now Delphi suggests to use similar technology in engine hydrosupport. Support with changeable rigidity, according to developers, will allow to lower body vibration essentially.

However company Porsche adapting technology Delphi for sports model Porsche 911 GT3 becomes the first manufacturer on which cars there will be magnetic support of the engine. In this case adaptive support will be used for an exception of jerks of the engine at sharp dispersal or braking.