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Apple fan has thought up the iMo


Company Apple yet does not make cars. Last year it, the truth, tried to make friends with concern Volkswagen, yes anything it has not come to an end. But who has told, what iCar never will appear? Today each company respecting co-operates with firm Apple: it's difficult to present the decent car without synchronisation with «iPod».

iMo Concept

Here designer Anthony Jannarelly has counted, as without completely apple tarantass to mankind in the future not to manage.
The unusual car balances on two wheels thanks to the technology which have been thought up for skateboard Segway. Conceptual working out not only itself holds balance — to it are not necessary neither a wheel, nor brakes, the driver! The robot iMo perfectly is able to go independently, scanning surrounding space the gauges.

However, the author of the project all the same has provided manual control possibility. In interior are projected holographic model of the extension housing similar to a games hookup. Movements of a hand of the driver read out gauges of movement in a capsule — and please, the person steers the robot!

Diameter of a ball — two metres. And let it's wider, than Rolls-Royce Phantom but here two adults can be located, and between them there is a place and for the child. However, the luggage compartment at the robot iMo absolutely is not present. But he after all is able to carry things instead of passengers: to steer it it's not necessary! The main thing — not to release iMo it is too far from the socket connection. And the designer has forgotten to calculate that, on how many one gymnastics will suffice the robot.

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