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The debut of a new VW in LA

Volkswagen Concept

The car will be accessible in two versions — a coupe and a roadster. On assurances of head Volkswagen of Martin Winterkorn, the presentation of the new car is appointed to a November motor show in Los Angeles.

Volkswagen Concept

Creation of a new sport car passed under personal observation of main designer VW of Walter de Silvas. The German autoconcern more than once announced release extravagant roadsters — Concept R 2003 and Eco Racer, however, then projects were quickly turned off.

At a car complete set numerous details from already existing cars of VW will be used. From features of the new car it's necessary to allocate the facilitated aluminium chassis, the motor located in the middle of the case, a rear-wheel platform and a number of high-power 2 litre turbo engines.

Future Tendencies from Volkswagen

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