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Modern Version of 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air
Chevrolet Bel

Chevy Bel Air 1955

Project Retrolet is constructed on the basis of Chevy Bel Air 1955 of release by enthusiast Scott Winfield and a command of experts of Northern California. Thanks to office Fatman IFS the legendary car has got a back independent suspension bracket from Jaguar 1975. Transmission GM TH 700R4, disk brakes from Wilwood, a cheap tires by Boyd Coddington Stingrays with diameter of 20 inches behind and 18 in front. The power unit in volume of 8,2 liters gives out power in 502HP.

The car body is constructed to order. A forward rack and a roof from 1999 Chrysler Concorde. All details of a body are created anew and remind original, but differ from native in the sizes. The car salon also is improved, including a qualitative skin, and seats have removed from Mazda MX-6.

Modern Chevrolet Bel Air

Modern Chevrolet
Legendary car