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New Subaru Dias Wagon

Subaru Wagon

On September, 3rd on sale there was a new car of mark Subaru. The novelty carries name Dias Wagon and is an improved version of easy commercial car Sambar. The new car is presented in following complete sets: LS which is base, RS, and RS Limited which is equipped by the various equipment for as much as possible comfortable operation.

Subaru Dias Wagon

The novelty differs in compact enough sizes and, at the same time, possesses spacious salon — it is long 2,015 mm, width — 1,310 mm, and height — 1,350 mm make. Wide doors and a low floor facilitate landing and disembarkation. The developing back row of seats gives possibility to be arranged under various service conditions. Some complete sets are equipped with a convenient moving back left door with possibility of easy closing. All cars are completed with the automatic conditioner and function of heating of back seats. Some complete sets are equipped by a lamp of illumination of a luggage compartment.

In appearance of the new Japanese car the attention the big chromeplated lattice of a radiator and a colour bumper first of all draws. Lateral spoilers add to the car спортивности. Stoplights of the extended form give to the car an original form. Some complete sets have a spoiler on a roof. New Dias Wagon are presented in 5 colours: a dark blue metallic, a black metallic, white nacre, a brown and silvery metallic.

Sitting of the new car have fabric covering, pleasant to the touch. The salon is executed in light colour of an ivory. Complete sets RS and RS Limited as an option can be equipped with the wheel fitted by a skin. The car is completed with a 3-cylinder turbo-engine which provides the high rotating moment on all range of turns and thus consumes fuel economically. The car is equipped by 4-speed automatic transmission.

The novelty case is steady against blows, and the car design urged to minimise traumas in a case even the most serious failure. All cars are completed by system ABS, double pneumopillows SRS and three-dot seat belts with a pretension. Children's sitting can be behind established.

Car Subaru Dias Wagon cost makes, depending on a complete set, from 1,370,250 to 1,695,750 yens. A number of the largest autodealers was already concluded by contracts on delivery Subaru Dias Wagon to New York and Los Angeles. For a month it's planned to import more than 100 copies.

2011 Subaru Wagon

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