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Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

Land Cruiser

Company Toyota on Monday, on September, 14th, has extended the first information on new off-road car Land Cruiser Prado which official premiere will take place on Tuesday on the Frankfurt motor show. The car created on the basis of Prado of present generation, will receive the updated body with the integrated frame which angular ruggedness is increased by 11%.

European Land Cruiser

In all European car markets, except British, the car will be accessible in three- and five-door variants. The power unit — a five-speed transmission and a three-litre diesel engine 171 horsepowers, or four-litre gasoline engine V6 — its capacity in "Toyota" press release is not informed by capacity. British will manage only seven-seater five-door version with a diesel engine.

On Land Cruiser Prado new generation the electronic control system of transmission and the engine "Multi-terrain Select" which chooses the mode of movement to the greatest degree corresponding to a covering under wheels of the car is established. Besides, in the car four videocameras which allow the driver to supervise conditions round the car are established.

It's known also that Land Cruiser Prado will it's equipped by the absorber with changeable characteristics of pressure, and in a rear suspension instead of springs the pneumoelements will be established, allowing to support a constant road gleam without dependence from loading. In the Western Europe the updated off-road car will appear in the middle of 2010.

Toyota Land Cruiser

Off-road Toyota

Toyota Prado

Interior Land Cruiser Prado

2011 Cruiser by Toyota

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