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The USA will be limited by the Chinese import

The rubber industry

US president Barack Obama has established restrictive tariffs for sale in America of the automobile tyres made in China. New duties are entered for a period of three years: this year they it is reached 35%, in the following — 30% and then — 25%.

The given decision is caused by wide criticism of a dumping policy of the Chinese tyres and the automobile equipment which, according to the American trade unions and representatives of business, deprives of work of thousand American citizens. So, increase of tariffs was accepted on the basis of the petition submitted against the Chinese import the Union of metallurgists of the USA, representing also interests of the American rubber industry, and the satisfied Commission on international trade of the USA.

However having made of this decision, Barack Obama has broken the own promise not to raise the established tariffs above a present limit and, besides, it contradicts to what he urged other countries — not to apply a protectionism.

At the same time China has acted with the resolute protest against increase of custom duties on the Chinese automobile tyres in the USA. The Press Secretary of the Ministry of Trade of China has made the special statement in which has told that its country considers this step to unacceptable, harming Chinese-American relations and contradicting a trade and economic policy of the world community.

«This certificate of protectionism not only breaks the rules established by the World Trade Organization (WTO), but also contradicts promises, the data the USA at summit G-20 devoted to financial questions», — the Press Secretary has underlined, having added that «China reserves the right to itself to answer this decision».

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