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Daihatsu has shown Japanese MINI

Daihatsu concept car

The Japanese company Daihatsu which is one of recognised leaders of manufacture of compact cars, within the limits of Tokyo international the motor-show has shown the newest working out — concept e:S.

Daihatsu e:S — worthy competitor MINI

The car with the original name and appearance represents a 3-metre hatchback in which many have made out future competitor MINI. The given statement looks especially realistic if Daihatsu will adjust deliveries e:S to Europe.

However, while in the company are not going to start model in mass production, underlining, that in Tokyo is presented real concept car, let and resembling a serial prototype.

Japanese compact car

Instead of spending enormous means for working out of hybrid technologies, in Daihatsu have decided to pay attention to creation of the small and economic engine. Under a tiny cowl of the conceptual car the 0.6-l motor possessing excellent indicators of the expense of fuel is hidden.

Economic hatchback Daihatsu e:S

According to developers, Daihatsu e:S at weight only 700 kg consumes on 100 km/2.7 l.
About the same expense of fuel has hybrid hatchback Honda Insight for which on 100 km it is necessary about 4 l of gasoline.

Japanese concept car