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New Suzuki Kizashi already on sale

Sedan Suzuki

Company Suzuki has started in sale a new sedan under name Kizashi. To get a novelty it's possible since October, 21st.

New sedan Suzuki Kizashi

The new sedan differs sports and impressive appearance. The back part has beautiful streamline forms. New Suzuki Kizashi it is presented in following colour variants: a silvery metallic, white nacre and black nacre. The car salon also possesses the refined and sports design, with an abundance of the chromeplated decorative details.

The novelty is completed with engine J24B which maximum power makes 138 kw, and the maximum rotating moment — 230Nm. Variator CVT promotes smoothness of movement. The forward suspension bracket of type MacPherson and a back multilever suspension bracket provide excellent stability on road and pleasant smooth movement. Cars with a full drive are completed with system i-AWD which promotes smooth acceleration and turns.

The case new Suzuki Kizashi not only differs in small weight, but also provides low noise level that including promoted by a design of the double muffler. Besides, used materials provide an excellent noise isolation.

The new sedan differs high level of safety and if to be more exact, is completed by 9 pneumopillows. Besides, the car case possesses high rigidity and perfectly absorbs blows that will as much as possible secure in case of collision. Besides other the car is equipped by system of electronic stabilisation ESP.

Car Kizashi also is equipped with the cruise-control, parking gauges, gives adjustment possibility in 10 positions of driver's sitting and in 4 — passenger; besides, new sedan Suzuki Kizashi is completed completely by the automatic conditioner, yard keepers with sensor controls of a rain and system of automatic inclusion of headlights.

New sedan Kizashi with a forward drive can be got for 2,787,750 yens; and an all-wheel drive variant for 2,997,750 yens.

2011 Suzuki Kizashi

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