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Reincarnation of Lincoln crossovers

Crossover MKX

North American concern Lincoln has started serious modernisation of the lineup in which next year there should be updated crossover MKX.

Updated crossover Lincoln MKX

Last "espionage" pictures restyling versions of crossover Lincoln MKX have been made by the paparazzi this week while the car has left on road tests.

Under a black camouflage of model nevertheless it is possible to make out some details of an ex-terrier. Designers of the company have reversed stylistics of a forward part of the car, having made Lincoln MKX similar on Lincoln MKS and Lincoln MKT.

Modernised Lincoln MKX

The firm chromeplated lattice of radiator Lincoln thanks to which the car cannot be confused with competitors becomes crossover "card". There will be cosmetic changes and in model, on what specifies the small coverlet hiding under self new guard of devices and the central console.

As writes edition Leftlanenews, the world premiere of a novelty will take place next year. Crossover Lincoln MKX should receive turbo-engines Ecoboost, including small on volume the 4-cylinder engine and 3.5L installation with which mentioned models MKT and MKS are completed.

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