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Reincarnation Pontiac GTO by Big 3 Performance

Muscle car Pontiac

Legendary muscle car — Pontiac GTO

Pontiac GTO — legendary «muscle car», begun the whole automobile trend which essence was simple: the powerful big engine in a compact coupe.

Interior Pontiac GTOModel GTO instantly became a hit of sales and held positions up to 70.

Mostly success GTO it's obliged Jim Wangers which carried out functions of the main manager on brand marketing in years when the model has appeared. Therefore for anybody did not become a surprise, that the name and Jim's approval will receive the new project of company Big 3 Performance.

New Pontiac GTO

Wheel disks PontiacExperts of studio prepare start of restomod-versions legendary GTO 1969.

Outwardly, from classical GTO differences are minimum — wider spoilers in style of racing series Trans AM. It is put reanimated GTO on wheel disks Revised Pontiac Rally II. In salon a new audiovideosystem and sitting Recaro.

Under a cowl — 8,3-l V8 manufactures Butler Performance, 700HP giving out more. The power unit co-operates from a check point from Dodge Viper.

Pontiac GTO

Yet it is not informed, when the project will be realised, but hearings already go, that price Wangers GTO will make $130-140,000US.