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Skoda Fabia: the first stage of transformation

Skoda Fabia

Czech motor-car manufacturer Skoda of the beginnings road tests of updated model Fabia, having chosen for this purpose dark time of days, that, however, has not helped engineers to carry out testing in quiet conditions because of the appeared paparazzi.

Insignificant changes in an ex-terrier

Designers of the Czech motor-car manufacturer have left a firm lattice of radiator Skoda Fabia without changes, having freshened the car only a forward bumper and head optics. Without any interventions there was also a design of "stern" of the car but as the car only is tested, it is not necessary to exclude, that the prototype with other registration of a back part further can be tested.


The car begins to be completed, as before, with petrol motors in volume from 1.2 to 1.6 l, two diesel engines, and also new 80-strong 1.4 l unit GreenLine, differing special economy of fuel, writes AutoExpress.

Debut Skoda Fabia

The debut of updated version Skoda Fabia should take place next year. Most likely, model will show on a March motor show in Geneva.