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Exclusive supercar Vermot Veritas RS III

Supercar Vermot

In Germany started release of exclusive supercar Vermot Veritas RS III.

In total company Vermot AG will collect thirty cars, eight of them are reserved, and 5 Vermot Veritas RS III — are already sold to buyers from Australia by Monaco, the Great Britain, Spain and Switzerland. The manufacturer counts, that all circulation will buy up even prior to the beginning of deliveries in January, 2010.

Double supercar Vermot Veritas

The double supercar on a tubular skeleton with a carbon body weighs 1080 kg. The car is equipped with 5,0-l engine V10 power of 507HP and 7-step transmission SMG (6-step "mechanics" is accessible as an option). Dispersal to 100 km/h for 3,2 seconds, the maximum speed makes 347 km/h.

Vermot Veritas RS III Test Drive

The car has received an adjustable suspension bracket, six-piston brake mechanisms Brabham Racing on a forward axis and 4-piston on back, and also 22-inch wheel disks with tyres Dunlop dimension 325/25 and 255/30 accordingly. Cost of the supercar from 345,000 euro.