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Subaru has presented in Frankfurt a updated Legacy

Subaru Legacy

Within the limits of 63rd international motor show in Frankfurt European presentation Subaru Legacy has taken place 2010 modelling years.

Engine by Subaru Boxer

Fifth generation Legacy differs essential improvements. Created on the basis of such base technologies of mark as the system of a symmetric full drive engine Subaru Boxer, completely updated Legacy differs not only the improved road performance, but also high ecological characteristics. Besides, at the updated model more spacious salon.

Sedan Subaru Legacy 2010

In comparison with previous models, the length new Legacy with a body a sedan has increased by 65 mm, and with a body the versatile person — on 55 mm. The wheel base of model has grown on 88 mm. The expense of fuel of the new model equipped with the engine in volume of 2,5L and transmission Lineartronic, on 5,9% more low, than at previous models with automatic transmission.

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