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Volvo has presented electrocar on the basis of hatchback С30

Hatchback C30

Company Volvo has spread informations on the project on creation of the electric version of hatchback C30 — BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle). The car is equipped by the electromotor which eats from li-ionic of batteries power of 24 watts. For comparison, in hybrid power-plants are usually used 12-kw accumulators.

Electrocar Volvo

The maximum range of a trip on one additional charge at electric hatchback С30 makes 150 kilometres, dispersal to 100 km/h for 11 seconds, and speed is limited 130 km/h. The full gymnastics electric С30 are carried out for 8 hours, and for this purpose enough the usual 220-volt socket.

Hatchback Volvo C30

In Volvo assume, that such electromobiles will be in demand at inhabitants of the European cities who on statistical data, the available company, pass on the average for a day on 90 kilometres.

When will appear serial electrocar С30 BEV while it's not known. In 2012 company Volvo plans to begin sales of the first hybrid model, and the prototype on base universal V70 will be presented general public in already next summer.

On a motor show in Frankfurt C30 BEV have not brought, but, according to magazine Autocar, a prototype it will be possible to see right after the terminations of the Frankfurt motor show on special action Volvo — Innovation for Life.

Volvo — the Life Innovation

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