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Acura TSX will appear next year

Honda Accord

The version under name TSX Sport Wagon will be intended for the market of the United States and to be as a matter of fact slightly altered Honda Accord Tourer for the European market.

Acura for Americans

The American admirers Acura, wishing to catch a body universal for one of models, similar, have achieved the. The company has informed, that as model 2011 in the USA debuts Acura TSX Sport Wagon which will represent the special version European Honda Accord Tourer.

The company did not declare possibility of occurrence of the given car before officially, therefore the original surprise is given admirers of mark. It is not published yet predicted figures on sales, however already it is now obvious, that Honda Motor tries to make lineup Honda and Acura more competitive at the expense of increase in number of the models possessing considerable utility. Honda Crosstour, also constructed on the basis of Accord, enters the market in the near future, but the design of the car has received ambiguous estimations at a preliminary stage in the USA.

On the contrary, Acura TSX has in this plan unequivocally positive estimations, therefore and occurrence of version Sport Wagon will be apprehended by buyers more warmly, the company counts.

Acura TSX Sport Wagon

Technical characteristics TSX Sport Wagon are not promulgated yet. It is not known, whether the version with V6 as for a sedan, but for the market of the USA it more than possibly will be provided. A diesel engine as in Europe, most likely will not be.

On sale the car will appear in second half of 2010. As appearance of the American version, in comparison with European will change, it becomes already clear in the beginning of the next year.