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Advantages of the Satellite Internet

Satellite vs Dual-up

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The satellite aerial gives the chance not only to download quickly files from the Internet.

Wildblue satelliteShe allows to get also access to numerous television and radio to channels, various media services which are engaged in translation of multimedia data — the information and entertaining channels which viewing is real by means of a usual web-browser.

You can subscribe on high-speed off-line dispatch of audio- and a video information, the software, graphic and text files.
All it will allow you to receive the maximum prize from use of possibilities of broadband Internet access and considerably to save on expenses on payment of the land channel.

What for the satellite Internet is necessary?

* Speed of installation:
The satellite Internet incorporates much faster, than usual dual-up connection.

* Direct communication channel:
Satellite the Internet connection solves a problem of congestion of a network thanks to a direct communication channel.

* Reliable transfer:
Satellite the Internet connection is more reliable and is functional, than land the network Internet. Speed of connection reaches to 16 Mbit/sec.

* Programs on the basis of a broadband satellite communication:
Satellite the Internet connection will provide in Hi-End quality fast transfer of audio and video of materials and applications, and also other programs demanding a high-speed satellite communication. It is not necessary to wait for connection!

* Multicasting:
Satellite internet can be used for a wide announcement, high-speed data transmission and applications in a mode of real time, at economy of the traffic.

* Connection speed control:
The satellite communication allows you to increase or reduce throughput of connection necessarily, immediately.

Logo WildBlueIt would be desirable to notice especially, that the services set forth above in access to the Internet can be used both private persons, and corporate clients. As a whole, such services allow not only to increase speed and reliability of access, but also to lower the Internet traffic cost price.

It is possible to allocate following pluses of the wildblue satellite Internet:
* traffic cost;
* independence of land lines;
* the big final speed;
* possibility of viewing of satellite TV;
* possibility of a free choice of the provider.