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British prefer used cars

Used car

In the Great Britain, average cost of expenses on the car for last year has decreased for 5% — with 2,342 to 2,219 pounds sterling. Nevertheless, according to results of interrogation of the British autoclub Drive Time, eight of ten respondents "with the limited prosperity" consider, that their expenses on car operation continue to grow.

Used car — a choice of British

As a result, almost half interrogated — 45% — have declared, that aspired to reduce this year the expenditure for operation and car service. And 20 respondents have noticed, that because of growth of expenses have left in a family only one car.

Reduction of charges of cars in Drive Time explain reduction of prices on fuel — for last 12 months the sum spent by the average British on gasoline, has decreased for 10% (for 138 pounds sterling) — to 1,184 pounds sterling a year. And those who go by diesel cars, save even more strongly — their expenses were reduced to 14%. Besides it, has decreased maintenance service and car repairs cost (on the average, for 15 pounds sterling), and the average transport tax on the country became less for 4 pounds.

By results of the poll which has been carried out by site DriveTime, it was found out, that acquisition used cars, much more preferably, than acquisition of new cars.

And the greatest difference in cost is necessary on repair and servicing of vehicles — 787 against 366 pounds sterling. Besides, average value of the transport tax for second-hand cars appears on for 29 pounds sterling more low, and insurance cost — for 63 pounds sterling is cheaper.

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