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BMW has presented the unique cabriolet M5

Cabriolet BMW M5

Company BMW has declassified cabriolet M5 which has been constructed 20 years ago, but and has not been started in a batch production. The car has been presented on a Nurnburgring within the limits of the action devoted to 25-year-old anniversary of model M5, informs British edition Autocar.

Competitive struggle of models

Company management BMW has made decision to refuse from a batch production of cabriolet BMW M5 one week prior to the official premiere of the car on a motor show in Geneva.
In BMW have considered, that the similar cabriolet could damage to sales BMW 3-Series.

Interior BMW M5

Sedan BMW M5 (Е34) the sample of 1989 was equipped with the 3,5-l engine power of 315HP and a 5-step mechanical transmission.
With 0 to 96 km/h such car could be dispersed for 6,3 sec, and the maximum speed has been limited by electronics on a mark of 250 km/h.

Audi S2 VS BMW M5

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