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HPP Daytona became modest unique novelty SEMA

Charger Daytona

Interested persons within three days tried to find out HPP Daytona in an exposition of exhibition SEMA 2009. At last, one of journalists managed to track down this rare animal.
HPP Daytona (Las Vegas), nearby to tuning show SEMA 2009 has been found out in a secluded corner of winter garden Convention Center.

New Dodge Challenger

As a matter of fact, it is new Dodge Challenger, which plot suit Charger Daytona of the sample of 1969. However this revival from the dead will please admirers of "brawny" cars.
Under a cowl there lives standard 5,7-l engine V8 HEMI. This one more proof of that when speech comes about Daytona/Superbird, the ex-terrier has paramount value. Fortunately for admirers, HPP has worked over design very decently.

Outlines of a forward part please. And here the tail causes in many censures. The back differs from what was at the original — Charger Daytona 1969. However, authors of working out have the right to the opinion.

HPP Daytona

Experts notice, that novelty HPP actually is much more similar on Plymouth Superbird, than on Dodge. Not too look well falseness-lattice of ventilating system. Wheels too big. A back wing any unpersuasive.

However it is known, that «everyone can offend the artist». Fans of retro cars will accept HPP Daytona yours faithfully and pleasure. Three days of searches, according to their participants, that cost.

Legendary Dodge Charger Daytona

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