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Lexus LF-Ch can appear by 2012

Lexus LF

Concept car Lexus LF-Ch which has been presented on a motor show in Frankfurt, can is made in a batch production and to appear on sale in the beginning of 2012. Besides, luxury division Toyota can give a life to several more similar projects.

Concept car Lexus LF-Ch

Earlier it was said that Lexus LF-Ch should will appear next decade, but plans of Japanese have similar changed, even despite a pitiable condition of the automobile market.

«There is a certain category of buyers which are ready to buy cars similar Lexus LF-Ch in «any season» — the general director of company Lexus has told. «We also are not going to reduce the price of model, at the expense of an exception of any options, the car will not be cheap».

As a result all will depend on demand. «We hope rather quickly to receive a feedback as we will present model on a motor show in Los Angeles and Detroit. On the received objective responses, we will try to finish model and to present Lexus LF-Ch on start to a series».

Hybrid car Lexus LF-Ch

In turn the concept car is equipped by the hybrid engine from Lexus, the car has length 4,300 mm, wheel base 2,600 mm and is put in tyres, the size 225/35R20.

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