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Ford will begin manufacture of inflatable seat belts

Ford Explorer

Company Ford next year will begin release of inflatable seat belts. As informs, off-road car Ford Explorer which sales will begin next autumn becomes the first model equipped with back belts with pillows built in them of safety.

2011 Ford Explorer

"Now two main devices, helping to keep lives in case of road accident, these are belts and safety pillows. We have decided to unite them", — the engineer who was responsible for working out of the new device has declared Srini Sundararajan.

As he said, the cylindrical pillows of safety integrated into belts, allow to define in regular intervals loading on a thorax of passengers, they will be inflated however not always, but only in case of serious road accident. The decision on that to use pillows in belts or not, accepts the uniform block of management of all systems of safety of the car.

Off-road Explorer

According to Sundararajan, by working out of inflatable belts engineers had to solve a number of serious technological problems.

According to representatives Ford, model Explorer has been chosen for a debut of inflatable belts of that in the USA this off-road car is considered one of the most popular family cars. Besides, developers have expressed hope, that occurrence of pillows of safety in back belts will force to be fastened not only forward passengers, but also those who sits behind. Now, according to Ford, 60 percent of Americans use back seat belts only.

Let's remind, that in the summer of 2009 the similar system was announced by company Mercedes-Benz within the limits of a perspective complex of technologies of active and passive safety Mercedes ESF 2009.