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The rating of reliable cars is made

Honda Modulo

The rating is made in the Great Britain, proceeding from statistical data on 250 models 30 of various marks in total in 50,000 units.

Rating of an estimation of risks at insurance of cars

The first of them — average probability of breakage of the car within a year, the second — the average sum of the account which owners receive for each case of repair. In research data on cars at the age of 3 — are used 6 years.

According to published data, the highest rating of reliability belongs Japanese Honda. Insurers assert, that the probability of breakage of the car of this mark makes 10,59%. As to average cost of the account for repair here Honda only on 9 place (295,42 pounds sterling), and the most accessible, in respect of repair work, — it is recognized Czech Skoda.

Skoda Octavia

Other Japanese marks have not entered into ten the most accessible at repair cost. But in the basic rating of reliability they have appeared more than at height.

After Honda on the second line has settled down Mazda with probability of breakages in 13,03%. With the minimum backlog a three closes Toyota (13,08%), on fourth place Subaru (13,92%). Nissan, Mitsubishi and Suzuki have taken places from the sixth on the eighth place accordingly.

The latest place in a rating of reliability Warranty Direct of surprises has not brought — here has settled down Land Rover with probability of breakages in 46,74%.

Land Rover –°oncept

Special attention composers turn that high cost of accounts for repair and service not necessarily speaks about high total expenses on the car.

Insurance Quotes California — Funny Commercial

This indicator should be considered only according to a place in a rating of reliability of cars.