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Toyota Corolla — the most popular used car in the USA

Toyota Corolla

Car Toyota Corolla became the most popular foreign car in the American car market of the used cars. In the first half of the year 2009 in the USA it has been resold 48,434 similar cars, informs an automobile portal «DriveTime».

Japanese used cars are very popular in the USA

Except "Corolla Rumion" in TOP the second-hand cars of foreign manufacture using special demand at Americans, models Toyota Camry (for first six months of this year it is resold 16,570 used cars), Land Cruiser (14,739 used cars), Volkswagen Passat (32,405 used cars), Golf (12,296 used cars), Ford Focus (11,205 used cars), Daewoo (10,986 used cars), Mitsubishi Lancer (9,567 used cars) and Hyundai Accent (8,945 used cars) have got.

Besides, at Americans: German cars BMW 5-series, Opel Astra and Vectra, Audi 80, and also the Japanese carsHonda CR-V and Civic, Nissan Almera and Primera, Mitsubishi Pajero, Toyota Corona, Mark, Carina and RAV4 use popularity.

In a segment of second-hand domestic cars the leader still are cars of mark Ford — their share makes 45%. As it was informed earlier, about half of the foreign cars resold for first six months 2009, are made during the period with 2002 for 2007. According to site Drive Time, from January till June in the USA it has been resold 2,836 million used cars, that for 10,18% it's less, than last year.

Toyota Corolla AE86