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AutoInsurance in the USA


As a rule, in the USA the insurance protects any person operating the insured vehicle, except for members of a family of the owner of the car — they should be registered in an insurance policy specially.

Features of autoinsurance

Automobile insuranceThat is when you operate the car of the friend — you are protected not by the insurance, and an insurance pole of the friend. Also it is possible to exclude from the automobile insurance and separate people.

There is also an especial kind of the insurance for at whom is not present in the car property but who owing to any reasons should go nevertheless — «Named Operator Policies».

Police in USASuch insurance including is useful to those who has been deprived a driving licence and for their restoration is obliged to give the automobile insurance. In general, the car insurance companies in the USA offer a variety of insurance products.

In the USA — a lot of cars, therefore similar cases are rather probable... So, responsibility can be insured as without division on «combined single limit», and with division «split limits»: in the latter case on each kind the certain limit of responsibility is imposed.


The special kind of insurance — «comprehensive» which, as a matter of fact, that is not, and protects the car from those risks which are not included in collision — for example, theft, a fire, collision with animals and other.