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By 2014 Nissan will prepare a new Titan

Nissan Titan

In November of last year it began known about plans Nissan to return to sector of full-size lorries. Following generation Titan was developed within the limits of the joint program with Chrysler, given Nissan access to 1,500 platforms Dodge.

2011 Nissan Titan

In connection with inconvenient position Fiat and Chrysler, manufacture has been stopped and after a year spent for working out of updatings, work over Titan has been stopped.

Considering care of environment, economic conditions and limited possibilities Nissan, we do not have possibility to carry out everything, that we want, and so quickly as we would like. We had a plan according to which updated Titan it will be ready in 2011 together with Chrysler. But now it is impossible, — the vice-president on introduction, planning and strategy Nissan in North America Larry Dominque has told.

Titan will update by 2014

Now Nissan is intended to return on initial positions. It is expected, that new generation Titan will make by 2014 Anybody precisely does not know, how much well lorry which comes nearer to the ten years' anniversary without uniform capital updating, can survive in the overflowed competitive segment. But, considering, that sales Nissan Titan reached only 2% in 2008, and in 2009 have fallen to 1,4%, lorry updatings will have very opportunely.

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