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Cobb Tuning have forced Nissan GT-R to consume ethanol

Nissan GT-R

To every possible variations on a theme of tuning Nissan GT-R one more is added — hardly probable not the most unusual. As the author of idea independent company Cobb Tuning has acted, having finished standard the version of the Japanese supercar on purpose refuelling by ecologically pure fuel — ethanol (mix E85).

Nissan GT-R loves ethanol

However, it is possible to name ethanol E85 absolutely ecological pure fuel only rather. On 85% it consists of spirit (more often corn or reed) and on 15% from gasoline. Ethanol is available in the United States and in the South America, but in Europe and Asia practically is not applied.

Supercar Nissan GT-R

Experts Cobb Tuning assert, that on the properties mix E85 can be approached to the best grades of the racing gasoline accessible in the early nineties of the last century. Being based on it, they have equipped regular for GT-R 3,8-l petrol V6 with two new high-efficiency fuel pumps Walbro 255 and atomizers on 800 cubic sm from Deatschwerks.

Nissan GT-R by Cobb Tuning

What thus a fuel consumption level, let even harmless, developers modestly hold back. Up to the end prospects of occurrence of the complete set for transfer GT-R into ethanol on free sale are not defined also.

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