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Daihatsu has updated complete sets Tanto and Move

Daihatsu Tanto

As a result of updating at Tanto there were new accessories which are assessed with the smaller tax in view of higher ecological characteristics — X, X Special, X Limited and Custom X Limited.

Accessible midget car

The new complete set X Special is equipped had time to win popularity with variator CVT and thus it is offered under the reasonable price. Cars Tanto of new complete sets differ the best ecological compatibility and are equipped with stylish brown seats.

Car Move complete sets also have been reconsidered. New Move X Special and Move Conte X Special are equipped with variator CVT and are on sale under reasonable prices. Besides, cars Move of new complete sets differ higher ecological characteristics.

Tanto & Move

The prices for updated cars Tanto and Move vary within 1,040,000-1,741,000 yens (taking into account the tax).