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Honda will show: Insight, Freed & Life

Honda Insight

Honda Motor has promulgated data about own exposition within the limits of the Tokyo motor show devoted to tuning.

Hybrid Honda Insight

Founders give the greatest attention to hybrid Honda Insight finished by means of tuning complete sets Modulo. Appearance of the car became much more aggressive, thanking new to bumpers with sharp corners, a lattice of a radiator, light-emitting diode optics. Back lanterns became transparent, the standard framework from red plastic is replaced on painted in colour of a body, on back racks there were the original fins, called to give to the car aerodynamism there is more.

Thus the company once again reminds, that Insight is extremely harmless car — this idea is traced through all exposition of the company at an exhibition.

Minivan Honda Freed

The second car represented Honda, becomes minivan Freed. The car body is painted in bright purple colour, and the salon is executed in a contrast combination white and black. Armchairs are sheathed by a natural skin. The idea of founders consists in attraction of attention from women — bright colour of a body, the contrast salon and a decor should it promote.

Compact car Honda Life

The third car the most compact on the dimensions, but not on value for a lineup — Honda Life. To this car developers have tried to give as much as possible cheerful mood, having painted a body in bright yellow colour and having pasted over the car set of decorative stickers. In salon Life there was a dark blue illumination of the bottom part, that, according to authors, is successfully combined in primary colour of a body and the yellow plastic partially applied in furnish of salon.

All three cars will be presented to the Japanese public to the nearest by days off.

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