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2014 Ford Mondeo

Ford Mondeo

Company Ford finishes working out of design projects of car Mondeo of following generation which after new Focus and Fiesta becomes the third global car of the US motor-car manufacturer. To the European car dealers the novelty will arrive in 2014. On it informs magazine Autocar referring to own sources in Ford.

Ford Mondeo 2010

The detailed information on following Ford Mondeo is not disclosed yet. It is known only, that in design and engineering are engaged in the USA; the car will be on sale in all world markets with identical appearance and scale of power-plants, and begins to be issued in Europe, USA and China.

Earlier also it was informed, that new Mondeo it is planned to construct on the same platform, as the present car, however at new Mondeo the sizes of wheel base and length of a body, and also a track of forward and back wheels will change. Besides, according to some information, such car can receive a body coupe.

New Ford Mondeo & Focus

The next novelty from scale Ford — model Focus of following generation — has been presented on Monday, on January, 11th, on a motor show in Detroit. The car is constructed on a new platform, has received the robotised transmission with two couplings and electronic imitation of interaxal differential. In the USA the car begins to be offered with the 155-strong 2-l motor with direct injection of fuel, and in Europe — with a petrol turbo-engine in volume of 1,6 litres.