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New off-road car Infiniti QX

Infiniti QX56

The 1st public display of updated off-road car Infiniti QX will take place on March, 31st on a motor show in New York.

The assemblage place is changed

Manufacture present QX56 is stopped. It is connected by that updated QX 2011 modelling years will gather at factory Nissan in Europe, instead of in Mississippi as earlier. Together with moving on other factory QX will move and on a new platform. If earlier the off-road car divided base with Nissan Armada now platform colleague QX becomes Nissan Patrol.

Under an off-road car cowl there will be an eight-cylinder engine in volume of 5,6 litres. Such engine can be seen today on model Infiniti M56. Power of the engine makes hardly more than 400HP.

Cheap off-road car Infiniti QX

In comparison with Range Rover and Lexus LX570 new QX will "look" a little bit more attractive. The price becomes the reason for it. Despite similar, to the mentioned off-road cars, level and comfort, will cost QX more cheaply. However, meanwhile it is not known on how many more cheaply.

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