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SMS has shown the 1st photos of 620 Camaro

Chevrolet Camaro

The known engineer and former race driver Steve Saleen on the international motor show in Detroit has shown the first photos of last working out which is constructed on the basis of known American sport car Chevrolet Camaro.

SMS 620 Camaro

Experts of company SMS which is headed by Steve Saleen, had been seriously modernised model Chevrolet Camaro. Novelty under name SMS 620 Camaro have equipped with advanced petrol 6,2-l engine V8 which after the operation made by tuners, develops 575HP and 810Nm of the twisting moment. With the updated power-plant the sport car is dispersed to 100 km/h for 4,3 sec.

If these figures not too impress the potential client of the company to the client can offer one more variant of tuning providing increase hallows of the engine to 715HP, and the twisting moment after the second stage of completion will reach almost 950Nm. Time of acceleration to 100 km/h for less than 4 sec!

Chevrolet Camaro by Steve Saleen

SMS 620 Camaro in studio have completed also with a small bodi-kit, sports seats, and also more effective brake system. As an option the owner can order the modernised suspension bracket, 21-inch disks and a 6-step automatic transmission. On sale SMS 620 Camaro should appear in the middle of spring.

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