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Tonneau Cover — a real tuning for your truck

Full metal

Truck are versatile multi-tasking vehicle. People buy truck because they can be used for hauling cargo, towing a trailer and carrying many members of the family. Some of the latest models trucks can even be used for formal activities because of their remarkable styles while maintaining its functionality as a heavy duty vehicle. Many stock models carry accessories such as chrome detailing or a tonneau cover, creating even more style and appeal.

Truck for business

Very many businessmen's rely on trucks to carry out their daily activities. Truck are also useful in farms for carrying farm produce and animals. And this is the main reason why improvements and careful maintenance should be done to optimize the benefits that can be derived from truck.


There are very plenty of truck accessories to choose from. They range from bull bars, running boards, emergency lights, tool boxes, visors, Roll N Lock etc. Choosing the really right accessories actually saves money & time and may ensure efficiency in the management of the truck.

Perhaps one of the more cost effective investments in car accessories for a truck is a tonneau cover. A tonneau cover is a cover for the bed at the back of a truck. Truck cover is used for protecting whatever things are placed at the back of the truck from the elements. Some kinds of truck tonneau covers include: aluminum, folding, fiberglass, roll-up, retractable and drop down covers. Other classifications of covers include sure-fit snap, snap soft, seal and peal, snap soft, quick hatch and tri-fold.


The TruXedo line of truck covers offers unique benefits for trucks owners. Also if you are a real Harley-Davidson fan, you can get a tonneau covers with the officially licensed Harley-Davidson logo.

TruXedo Deuce Tonneau Cover