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Unique interior it is prestigious

Interior Camry

Want to put your individual style on your car, truck or pickup to show your true face? The web site will take care of it! This web site provide a full selection of classy and colorful dash kits, you can even take a charge on this site and get your mind involved in making your personal wood dash.

Magnificent assortment of materials

Is present really a lot of choice for your car, you can choose material for your dash from: synthetic, wood, chrome, carbon, stainless steel, aluminum and many more. This wood dash kits have never failed in giving the luxury interior. You have a lot of choice in choosing your personal wood dash kit from genuine real wood veneers, factory-match woods, synthetic woods, chrome, real carbon fiber etc.

Interior Toyota

Only by changing your dash with wood dash kits you will really feel the entire car will be different, it exploded with luxurious sensibility. This wood dash kits also provide a fuller look inside, adding increase the value and comfort feeling. Do not worry about the performance and the quality each of these wood dash kit product will come out with lifetime warranty.

Wood interior

When it comes to race car or street racing car you want to your cars then carbon fiber is the really best choice. Carbon fiber is the most often material that seen in race cars because of its weight and light pliability and not forge for this extremely strong material.

Individual dash for your car

Web site also have molded dash kit that will rescue every single angles of yours car or truck or. Molded 3D dash kits provide precise fit for all those dash surface perfectly factory fit and giving you luxury sensation inside.