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Anniversary series: Biante and Axela

Mazda Axela

On January, 30th this year Mazda Motor celebrates the 90 anniversary from the date of the basis. This event will be celebrated within all year, but release of special series of two popular models of mark — Axela and Biante becomes one of the 1st steps in celebrating. The first is known outside of Japan as Mazda3, the second — is intended only for home market.

Gunmetal Blue Mica

It's necessary to notice, that cars within the limits of series have some distinctive features. By and large, the only thing really appreciable is new colour of a body for Axela, received name Gunmetal Blue Mica. The body is specially developed for the series devoted to the 90 anniversary and in a mass order to painting of cars Mazda will not be applied.

For Axela cars of an anniversary series are based on a choice on one of four usual complete sets into which enters i-stop, for minivein Biante complete set G20 became base. Cost of cars is not advertised, but, apparently, cost does not differ from the prices for the corresponding complete sets which are not entering into anniversary series.

In honour of 90th anniversary Mazda

Mazda Motor asserts, that within a year anniversary series will capture the lineup most part in Japan. It is necessary to notice, that company Mazda is registered on January, 30th, 1920 under name Toyo Cork Kogyo Co., Ltd. And in mass production of cars some decades — in 50th years of the XX-th century have started to be engaged later.

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