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2011 Shelby GT350 will be judicial car of NASCAR

Judicial car

New Shelby GT350 the sample of 2011 it will be presented in the form of the judicial car in 2010 Shelby American Sprint Cup NASCAR on racing track Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Shelby GT350 for Las Vegas Motor Speedway

The novelty in stylish 19-inch disks Cragar and tyre covers Goodyear "is put". The power unit in volume of 5,0 litres is supplied by a mechanical supercharger and co-operates with a 6-high-speed mechanical transmission, and the exhaust system is located on the centre behind.

Shelby American Sprint

Shelby GT350

Shelby GT350 №350

Besides in April at auction Barrett-Jackson Carroll Shelby will expose on sale 2011 Shelby GT350 with serial number 350.