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Sportcar: Citroen Survolt

Citroen Survolt

On a motor show in Geneva company Citroen has presented the sports version of concept car Revolte which has been presented for the first time in September of last year at an automobile exhibition in Frankfurt. Appearance Revolte has been created on motives of legendary model 2CV, received a nickname "the disgusting duckling", and the design of a new prototype under name Survolt became more aggressive. The car had an aerodynamic weather-cloth with the big spoilers, air inlets and the expanded wheel arches.

Prototype Citroen Survolt

The dimensional length of double rear-wheel prototype Citroen Survolt makes 3,85 m, width — 1,87 m, and height — 1,2 m. For comparison, the novelty on 65 and 150 mm is accordingly longer and wider, than sport car Lotus Exige S, however it is a little above model Exige and is shorter than coupe Audi TT.

Concept car Citroen Survolt

Concept car Citroen Survolt

The official information on a technical stuffing of concept car Citroen at present is not informed, however, according to magazine Auto Express, the car is equipped by the 270-strong electromotor, eating from the accumulators located in a forward and back part of a body, and also between axes.

Let's notice, that Citroen Revolte it was completed with a hybrid power-plant which allowed the car to move as exclusively on electrodraught, and with internal combustion engine use.

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