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Luxury Bentley GTC

Bentley GTC Universal

Firm Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera from Milan has presented on a motor show in Geneva the version Bentley GTC Speed. Luxury universal at once became a show star, having interested visitors depth of modernisation and unusual appearance.

Luxury Bentley by Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera

Highlight Flying Star — not only in brilliant work of engineers, the fact of the existence shows this car, that in the presence of necessary desire and means the car still can remain object of art.

The cargo compartment is sheathed by a skin, back seats are replaced and now are capable to develop in horizontal position, giving to owners of 1200 litres of useful space. With the lifted armchairs the luggage carrier volume is reduced to four hundred litres of that, however, more than it is enough at transportation of four complete sets for a golf.

Luxury Bentley

In total it is planned to make 20 similar Bentley, base cost of each of which will make 590,000 euros, and it will be possible to receive for this money only the engine of "standard level" power of 560HP. The ceiling price is not limited in any way, here all depends on individual wishes of the future clients.

It is necessary to notice also, that Flying Star it was created in close cooperation with firm Bentley that is why on magnificent universal the full factory guarantee extends. Besides it, the car has received necessary certification of safety.

Touring Superleggera Press Conference

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