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Mercedes-Benz SLK55 by VATH

Mercedes-Benz SLK

Tuning studio VATH has presented the next product. Model V58 constructed on the basis of roadster SLK 55 AMG became them. The essential increase in power of the 5,5-l engine became the basic distinctive feature of the tuning version.

Roadster Mercedes-Benz AMG

On an exit from assembly shop this unit gives out 360HP/510Nm of the twisting moment. Having increased working volume to 5,8 litres, having added a new exhaust system and having recustomized the engine block, engineers VATH could receive 565HP/770Nm.

Continue the list of improvements 19-inch wheel disks, the complete set for road clearance decrease (€3677), a sports exhaust system (€6009), a carbon forward spoiler (€1404), a back bumper (€1952), the complete set for salon dressing (€2975) and firm steering wheel by VATH for 1416 euros.

Mercedes-Benz by VATH

The total cost of a tuning whale without the price of disks and tyres makes 55,512 euros, thus factory SLK 55 AMG there are in Germany 70,745 euros.

Mercedes-Benz SLK55 AMG

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