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How do you take a V6 Mustang from stock to super-powered? Dave Kaek from AmericanMuscle and Swarr Auto have teamed up to modify a stock 2005 V6 Mustang and see just how much horsepower they can crank out of 6 cylinders. Check out the video series to see what they did to make an average Mustang look and perform like a super-powered beast!

The first video features Dave Kaeck kicking things off at Swarr Auto with our baseline dyno run to get the raw numbers, plus a first look at the huge variety of parts we're using on our '05 Legend Lime V6.

Video two begins our performance overhaul with the installation of a new CAI, exhaust, and custom tune. We also start our styling with by installing lowering springs and adding a new set of wheels and tires.

In the third video, the crew from Swarr Auto brighten up the 'Stang with new headlights, taillights, and and some side marker decals. After that, Dave heads to the home garage for some final styling featuring painted parts from AM.

And in our fourth video, we reveal our final numbers as Dave heads back for one last dyno run (and to add a little something extra).

Ford Mustang V6

Ford Mustang V6 2005

Ford Mustang

Mustang V6

Make sure you check out the official project page, which gives you a complete list of all the mods used in the videos.